COVID-19 Policies & Response

Stay tuned for updates on our evolving safety practices.

April 2021: Although our neighbors are starting to get vaccinated, Allegheny County (and surrounding counties) are still at a “very high risk level” for covid-19 spread. We are concerned about rising virus cases and the new covid variants. Thinking of our valued customers, our community, and our staff, we are keeping current with best practices of pandemic safety:

We wipe down frequently used surfaces at least once a day.

No more than 6 visitors are allowed in the shop at once.

No more than one person in an aisle at a time, unless you are traveling together.

Guests are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon entry.

Visitors are required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at all times. Guests who repeatedly fail to comply will be banned. Note: In the face of the new variants, Dr. Fauci now recommends doubling our masks (one surgical mask covered with a cloth mask, or a 2- or 3-ply mask).

We ask that you keep your beverage drinking (water, coffee, etc.) on the sidewalk, so you can keep your mask on inside the shop. We also prefer that you have your cell phone conversations before or after you browse the shop, as talking contributes to the spread of covid-19.

Any visitor displaying signs of illness will be politely and promptly asked to leave.

On sunny days, we offer sidewalk shelves for outdoor browsing. We’re trying to change our windows frequently to let customers shop from the sidewalk. Curbside pickup is still available, and we can ship books to you, too.

We understand “pandemic fatigue” as much as anyone, and we appreciate your patience as we each do our part to help end this era of deadly contagion.