Welcome to Caliban Book Shop. We buy and sell books, autographs, photographs, printed material, and original art. In our shop, you’ll find a great selection of books in all fields for readers, collectors, and the intellectually curious. We carry everything from quality paperback & hardback fiction, poetry and philosophy, to scholarly & uncommon books in many fields. We also carry local authors & zines.

For those of you looking for our online listings, we no longer do that. But some of our old stock can be found online under new ownership & management here.


  • Evolution, First Four Billion Years. $25
  • Evolution of Consciousness. $12
  • Human Evolution. $15
  • Browne, Darwin: Voyaging. $12
  • Browne, Darwin: The Power of Place. $12
  • Evolution in Four Dimensions. $15
  • Dinosaur in a Haystack. $12
  • Gould: I Have Landed. $10
  • Evolutionary Naturalism. $15
  • Darwin a New Life. $10


Stay tuned for news about upcoming sales and everyday bargains!

We choose our books with care and avoid bestsellers, romance novels, and the like. Our prices tend to be 25% lower than online sellers, and we have a basement full of paperback fiction, mysteries, science-fiction all priced way below retail. Learn more about our buying and selling habits on the About Us page.

Our shop is also home to Desolation Row, a small, independent record store specializing in Indie Rock, Sixties Pop, Punk, Americana, Folk, Blues, and Jazz. Check out the Desolation Row Facebook for updates on new releases.


410 South Craig Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Monday-Friday 11am-5:30pm
Saturday 10am-5:30pm
Sunday 12pm-5:30pm

We are located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, a brief stroll from the Carnegie Museum of Art, Carnegie Natural History Museum, Phipps Conservatory, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Call ahead if you have questions about hours, books in stock, our purchasing policies, etc. (412) 681-9111. Need directions?