January New Arrivals

26 items, art, literature, photography and photo albums, ephemera, journals, and a melange of other items. Have a look-see!

E. E. Cummings: Letters to his Skin Doctor

The hands of E. E. Cummings had their own personality, sometimes behaving but often naughty, which kept him from painting and writing. He sought treatment from Dr. Hoffman, the Viennese intellectual who was also a dermatologist. Their substantial correspondence reveals a friendship that was more than just skin deep.

Hermann & Ninon Hesse - a short list

Items from the estate of Richard Hoffman, a Cambridge MA dermatologist who was a worldly intellectual, friendly with Hesse, Mann and e. e. cummings.

William J. Allen's Pittsburgh Photographs

18 Photographs by amateur photographer William Allen, showing Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania ca. 1930, exhibited at photo salons and showing the influence of Steichen and Stieglitz.